Inspired thinking and execution grounded in Integral Theory

Our aim is to have a transformative impact on our clients
Remote First

The future belongs to remote-first organizations

  • Airful was incepted in 2018 as a remote-first consulting firm
  • Started working remotely with anchor clients from California
  • Developed working mastery and playbooks for  tooling such as Slack, Coda, Jira, Airtable, Intercom, Webflow etc to enable peak remote performance
Remote work increases productivity
Integral Theory

A holistic thinking framework invented by Ken Wilber

  • We use Integral Theory as applied to business to operationalise our motto of "Highest First"
  • Frederic Laloux's pioneering work guides organizational structure and strategy
  • We leverage Integral Business to add differentiation and improve brand loyalty
Being Integral
Elite Performance

Hacking flow to sustain peak performance

  • We apply Steven Kotler's work at Flow Genome Project to hack flow states
  • Team culture built around openness and discussing peak performance drivers
  • A globally, diverse team made up of highly competent achievers and professionals
Constantly Challenging Ourselves

Our work is a confluence of novel ideas and tested models

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“The culture we've built at Airful is relaxed, open and transparent. We'd love to keep it that way!”

Bipasha Kedia,
Head of Growth

Finally, an integrated approach to digital

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