Creating change is the only way forward

Again, Dr. Drucker highlights something quite obvious and powerful. Change cannot be managed. Only created! 

It is a common practice in several companies to have a change management system and policies in place. During large scale IT project deployments, there are whole flowcharts created on how users can request changes and how admins are supposed to handle change requests. In situations where the project team and business leads are conservative, these meticulous change management procedures might work. In fast paced, noise filled, chaotic environments which are becoming more and more the norm, elaborate procedures fail.

It helps, as a business owner to adopt an attitude of acceptance and curiosity towards the changes that one sees in the business landscape, the economy, the consumer markets and the workforce. The future is ripe for the taking when awareness guides action. Good strategy is then to let that awareness move with the changes and slowly turn the anticipated change into an opportunity for expansion.

Be the cause the creates the changes, and you will find that the future is abundantly giving.

the most effective way to manage change successfully is to create it