Defining business mission

Dr. Drucker warns us that to define the purpose of our work, we must look from the outside in. As a business leader, it is easy to get wrapped up in the eccentricities and rigmarole of management and growth and forget where the actual vision and mission stems from - the customer, of course.

Satisfying the customer's needs, wants, desires is the purpose of all business activity. Despite the advancement in marketing thinking over the last century, no single person or company has ever got their mission absolutely right, in their first try. Understanding the customer takes time because the understanding often comes one moment at a time. As the dots connect and needs and desires begin to emerge and be recognized, the mission starts taking shape.

One needs to ask both simple and complex questions:

"What do customers think when they hear of my brand name?"
  1. Do they also feel any strong emotion or gravitation towards my brand?
  2. Where do they hear the brand being talked about? A social media page, a village in Africa or in an Uber ride to Bengaluru airport?
  3. What are the words they use to describe the brand?

When business mission is clear, leaders can lead from the heart. They can exemplify leadership that is powerful and evolutionary.

defining business purpose and mission