How to setup a virtual, remote office

In the current world of business, the technology stack that a company chooses to run its operations on has tremendous far-reaching consequences, especially as companies become more remote-friendly.

Tooling is starting to become all-important. Whether it’s the operational stack or the sales and marketing stack, the right approach with the proper process forms the recipe for business success.

At Airful, we have been operating remotely for a little over 2 years now and have experimented with several different technologies and tools  to reach an integrated way of running the business. In the era of Digital World, where asynchronous communications is important, we rely heavily on Slack to get our work done, with email and WhatsApp as fallbacks. We have migrated most of our clients, even those who are old-fashioned and non tech-savvy to Slack.

a brief look at some of the important tools we use at Airful

Slack, therefore, forms the centerpiece of business communications for us and it is the feature of having shared channels with other organizations around which we can communicate with our clients and vendors in a centralized workspace.

Another important tool  is Timely. Founded by Vikings from Oslo, timely is doing tremendous work in the time tracking and productivity space. Their tools, Timely and Dewo help us with billing clients who are on an hourly basis and get a deeper understanding about the time management of their employees. With a friendly interface,  and automated time tracking, Timely  does a varied degree of work across the business growth spectrum, ranging from sales to marketing to operations to talent growth.

Apart from Timely and Slack, another core piece of our stack at Airful is Coda. This startup founded by Shishir Mehrotra (and recently funded by heavy weights at Kliener Perkins) is changing the game for how remote teams do documents and business intelligence. Combining the power of google docs with sheets and extendable views and integrations, Coda offers a powerful, flexible workspace on which any business organization can maintain its infrastructure. Their team pushes regular feature releases and new updates and their support is world class.

If you are running a remote team and looking for help bootstrapping the right stack, reach out to us here

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